Associate of Arts in Christian Worldview

The Associate of Arts degree in Christian Worldview is an economical, two-year, cross-disciplinary, undergraduate program designed for the freshman and sophomore year of college.

Popularly referred to as “CWIC,” short for Christian Worldview Integrated Curriculum, the program is designed for students who want an intellectually-challenging understanding of the integration of philosophy, history, culture, and the Christian faith in a global context. The curriculum enables the student to complete required ‘general education’ courses while gaining the core knowledge of an integrated world-Christian worldview.

The curriculum covers the entirety of world history, from creation to the present day, over the course of two years. It integrates the study of global history and Christian theology with an understanding of anthropology, philosophy, world religions, and literature. Students study both the Bible and sacred texts of other religions, read many of the Great Books of Western Civilization, learn the keys to effective cross-cultural communication, develop skills in written and oral communication, and gain an overview of core knowledge in literature, math, and science. As the program progresses, students will come to understand how God has worked throughout human history, how various worldviews and religions have developed and influenced the church and society, and how the development of these ideas have shaped the modern world. Students will acquire the core knowledge needed to be a widely-read, well-grounded Christian student who is equipped to make a difference in today’s global society, whatever major or career path they choose.

Associate of Arts in Christian Worldview Credit Breakdown

Year 1 » Fall

  • Old Testament Survey and Theology 4
  • World Religions 1: The Ancient World 2
  • History of Ancient Civilizations 2
  • Intro to Literature 1: Ancient and Classical 2
  • English Composition 3
  • Environmental Science 4
  • Total 17

Year 1 » Spring

  • New Testament Survey and Theology 4
  • History of Classical Civilizations 2
  • Intro to Theological Studies 1 2
  • Logic and Argumentation 2
  • Intro to Philosophy 1: Ancient and Classical 2
  • Mathematics for Liberal Arts 4
  • Total 16

Year 2 » Fall

  • Intro to Philosophy 2: Medieval & Rennaisance 2
  • Intro to Theological Studies 2 2
  • Intro to Literature 2: Medieval & Renaissance 2
  • World Religions 2: Islam and Modern Religious Practice 2
  • Church History 1: Apostolic Fathers to English Reformation 2
  • History of European Civilization 4
  • Elementary Greek 1 4
  • Total 16

Year 2 » Spring

  • Introduction to Philosophy 3: Enlightenment and Modern 4
  • Introduction to Literature 3: The Modern Period 4
  • Church History 2: The Church and the Modern World 2
  • History of the Modern World 2
  • Elementary Greek 2 4
  • Total 16