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  • We Do Not Groan as Those Who Have No Hope

    We Do Not Groan as Those Who Have No Hope

    We’re back in the full swing of things at Bethlehem College and Seminary. Having just completed our Pastor’s Conference, and having just enjoyed a foretaste of spring, I know I’m bundled up, refreshed, and ready to tackle a new semester.

  • Labor Clearly in the Name of Jesus

    Labor Clearly in the Name of Jesus

    There is something about the mid-winter chills here in Minnesota that seems fitting as we engage, this week especially, with two of the most challenging issues of our day—ethnic harmony and the sanctity of life.

  • To the “Uttermost” and “Always”!

    To the “Uttermost” and “Always”!

    No matter how seemingly helpful the many psychological formulas that help you cope with life may be, no matter how transforming the practical counsel you might find in today’s world to help you with your problems may be, everything is either partial or periodic.

About Bethlehem College and Seminarybbcblueskysmall

Learn. Serve. Treasure.

Home. Church. World.

These three aims for these three contexts are central to the identity and mission of Bethlehem College & Seminary. Our goal is to prepare you to learn about God’s Word and God’s world, to serve Him and your neighbor, and to treasure God in Christ above all things, whether at home, inside the church, or out in the world.

We long to be a part of God’s mission in the world with you. Come and see.


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